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   Our furniture pieces are original and authentic. While we offer a variety of furniture designs, no two of the same design will ever be exactly a like. Some pieces that are designed around a specific element such as a vintage window or unique door cannot be replicated because we can’t find any more of the materials used. Once a limited supply of a specific material is used up – it’s gone forever.

  It must also be noted that our works are subject to the materials used and the condition they are in. Since we do not plane down or heavily process the reclaimed lumber there may be pieces that have many imperfections. We cannot stress this aspect enough because it is the main reason that our furniture is totally unique.

Gallery of Works

Narrow Accent Tables

Also referred to as entry tables.

Our narrow tables showcase the essence of reclaimed wood. Designed as surface space for narrow areas, they are perfect for entries, hallways and as sofa tables.

Console Cabinets

These multi-purpose pieces are created in a variety of configurations. The main concept of this piece is to offer surface space as well as open and closed storage. They can function as many things in just about any room of the house.

Hutches & Cupboards

Offering display and storage space these works are typically built around a specific reclaimed element. Vintage windows or doors are most often the inspiration for a design. These pieces are usually larger, especially in height.

Dining Tables

The beautiful patina of reclaimed lumber is the main feature of our dining tables. We offer a variety of styles and sizes, many of which have matching bench designs. All of our tables are constructed with durability in mind, they are solid and heavy.