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  Authentic Reclaimed Wood Works is a maker of original furniture and home décor accent pieces. The founder and owner of Authentic, along with a small group of talented artisans, create functional works of art that have a connection to the past and our local heritage. We don’t travel the world looking for inspiration or sourcing products. We like to keep it close to home, close to our roots. We’re authentic and every piece is made here in the USA at one of our shops in Texas or Nebraska.


  We use reclaimed wood and relics from houses, barns, buildings and various structures found throughout the small towns that dot the countryside. Materials are carefully selected that have unique visual characteristics and we strive to preserve the look and feel of the raw reclaimed wood in the condition it was found. We do not shy away from rusty nails, insect damage or the natural ravages of time. These characteristics are real and authentic. This aspect gives our work a unique look and sense of history, so we do not refine or process it away.

  As a result, our reclaimed wood works are one-of-a-kind pieces. They are, in fact, hand crafted one piece at a time. This also means our furniture is well constructed. We are sure our furniture will stand the test of time, add beauty and authenticity to any home décor.

  Every effort is made to discover the history about the structures and area where we get our reclaimed materials as this can be an inspiration to the look of the piece. We appreciate the value of this disappearing resource and are saddened when we see it wind up in landfills or burned to extinction. When you purchase one of our works you will help preserve a little piece of the past, authentic local history. We thank you.

Owner and Founder

Steve Newman an artist and designer spent over thirty years in the Graphic Arts and Advertising industry before finding his true passion. Creating functional art from reclaimed materials. Steve's love of vintage advertising and industrial design influences many of his pieces and fostered the concept of Authentic Reclaimed Wood Works.

Steve Newman
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